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The second dupatta cheat sheet

The second dupatta cheat sheet

  • 13, Sep 2017
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When you have decided that one just won’t do and the second one needs just a touch of glamour. With our quick and easy color guide to matching your second dupatta to your lehenga, we’ve got you completely sorted. Here’s what you need to know;

Lehenga is Gold

  • Wear: Peach, Off white, Pastel Pink
  • Avoid: Darker or brighter hues.

Lehenga is Red

  • Wear: Red, Off White, Green apple, teal, orange, light pink, gold
  • Avoid: Turquoise, Purple, yellow

Lehenga is Fuchsia

  • Wear: Emerald, Mint green, light pink, red, orange, gold, Turquoise
  • Avoid: Purple

Lehenga is Light Pink

  • Wear: Mint green, Tiffany blue, gold, deep pink
  • Avoid: Darker blue, Darker green, Purple

Lehenga is Orange

  • Wear: Bright pink, Pale Blue, Gold, Peach, Off White,
  • Avoid: Greens and Dark Blue

Lehenga is Peach

  • Wear: Orange, Gold, Mint green, Aqua Blue, Pastel Pink, Off White, Red
  • Avoid: Blues & Dark Greens

Lehenga is Turquoise

  • Wear: Gold, bright pink, dark blue, light pink, Lavender
  • Avoid: Green

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