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The Guide To Choosing The Top Wedding Planner

The Guide To Choosing The Top Wedding Planner

  • 1, Oct 2017
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He asked, you said yes and now you’ve got his ring on your finger. But before you say your I dos, there is a lot of work cut out for you. Being a part of a wedding is the easy bit. But creating, planning and directing a wedding before exchanging your rings and tying the knot, takes some real talent.In a mad rush, you may have a dozen of ideas and plans waiting to be executed.

But dealing with such a large-scale event is much more than a one-man job. You need a team of people to micromanage every minute detail of the day along with choosing the right location and vendors.
To make your task easier, here comes the guide to finding your perfect wedding planner.
But before you get down to finding your dream wedding planner, here’s what should be on your checklist;
1. What exactly is your budget?
2. How many people would you invite?
3. Is it just a one day event or a series of events?
4. The date, time and location of your wedding
5. A basic feel of what you want your wedding to look like
Get started on your way to finding the best;
1. Research!
Google your wedding planners or get in touch with your friends and family to refer you to known planners. Look for planners in around your location. Once you have narrowed it down, familiarize yourself with their websites. Looking at pictures, awards and reading client testimonials could help you understand them and their team. Not only that, it would help you to understand their sense of style by their use of décor. The more you understand their online presence, the more you will gain an understanding of their ability to execute your event.
2. Get in touch!
Call up your top 3 or 4 wedding planners to understand the types of services they offer, the wedding date availability, and the price of the wedding or a rough estimate. If their answers are to your liking, set up a meeting with them to move ahead to the next step.
3. Prep for your meeting!
Take with you all your points of inspiration, like pictures from magazines, Pinterest and all other sources of social media. During your meeting, ask them about their previous clients, vendors and their portfolio to understand if their vision matches yours. Talk about their ideas and opinions, to see whether they match up to your level of enthusiasm. Allow them to narrow down their services, so that you can pick the ones you wish to have and leave out the ones you do not want. A good wedding planner should be able to listen to and visualise your ideas and turn it into a grand reality. Since you will be working together as a team, your wedding planner must be in perfect sync with you professionally and personally.
4. Seal the deal!
Once you have done your research, ask around for further references, make a list of pros and cons,take time to compare prices and go through formal proposalsto weigh in your final call to finding the right fit.A wedding planners personality, working style and aesthetic are very important to work together in perfect harmony, so pick the one who really understands you and your needs. Once found, call immediately to secure your planner and receive the contract to seal the deal. As soon as you have signed and paid your deposit, you’re set to get the ball rolling.
Your wedding is not just another day, but an event that will be a part of the rest of your life. Make it special and make it yours.

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