Chirmi Events is the top wedding planners in Bangalore, having expertise of more than 8 years. We are also known as the only wedding planners in Bangalore Chirmi events is a full service Wedding Planners in bangalore since 2014! The only best wedding planners in bangalore.


Wedding design

A visual wedding of lights, glitters, chandeliers, floral décor, perfect seating for your guests and your picture-perfect wedding is our focus when we work on your wedding designs. Is this what you wish for your wedding? Our designs are created once we understand the couple and bringing in their essence into the wedding becomes our motto. Keeping in mind the venue, even if you don’t have an idea on how your wedding would look, we would help you visualize your wedding and execute it just the way you want. At chirmi we have got it all covered. From the venue detailing to our design detailing we would show you the end to end wedding design presentation of all the picture-perfect ideas.

Wedding budgeting

The most important aspect of the wedding starts from budgeting. We generally are clueless on how we should budget our wedding. And that’s where we start to help you. At chirmi wedding we understand your finances with care and handle every detail with ease. Whether you have a ballpark figure of every element budgeted, we would list it down and work around it for the best results. We aim at giving you the best deals and the best team working around your wedding budget. Our team is well trained in understanding and executing the very best deals for you.

Venue booking & research

Looking for your perfect wedding venue can be a task and extremely stressful. The team at chirmi focuses on understanding the couple and the requirements and then providing you with the very best options for your dream wedding. Keeping every minor detail in mind and focusing on the comfort of every guest attending the wedding, we will aim at giving you the right options for your wedding.

Wedding invites

A statement for your wedding starts from your wedding invite. A personalized invite showcases the tone of your wedding. Wedding invites are undoubtedly the most important aspect of the wedding. It not just talks about the couple but also shows on what the guests can expect in the wedding. Thank you notes, save the date cards, a small wedding video, traditional wedding invite are a few options to start with. A wedding invite can be a combination of various items. Like a small box of dry fruits with the invite or a detailed wedding invite in a box with sweets. With a keen eye on design and detail we curate your personalized wedding invite.

Wedding stationary

A style statement starts from your wedding stationary. The first glimpse of your wedding starts from what you present to your guests. Unique wedding invites, welcome letters, thank you notes, save the date cards, key holders and other customized elements that showcase the essence of your wedding from the very start. Chirmi wedding is well versed and promises to portray and give you out of the box designs and focus on design and detail for your big day. Every element focusses on your wedding and your day. If you have something and you would like us to focus on style and design, we would be more than happy to assist you in design your wedding stationary.

Decor & floral designs

Design and execution go hand in hand. Our focus is always on a visual treat to you and your guests. Themes, colour palette, off best designs, quirky events are a few examples that we talk about to understand you as a couple. Even if you are clueless on how you want your wedding to look like we will simplify it to you by showing you series of pictures, custom design stages and layouts for you to know how your wedding will look. – A perfect visual treat. We have it all covered for you at chirmi wedding. From little details of ideas to execution of your dream wedding. we would give you the best by showing you the best.

Photography & Videography

The best way to capture you wedding in memories is through your photos and videos. Choosing the perfect team is extremely important for your big day. A chirmi we aim at giving you the most amazing team for you to work with. From as long as we can remember, our forefathers talk about their wedding through pictures and pictures are elements that stay with you forever. And we feel we become a part of their celebration when they show their pictures. With the new unique ideas, we focus on connecting you to the best in the industry who understand you and your family and capture your wedding in the best possible way. It is our promise that we would capture the best and deliver the best.

Menu Selection

A fact. The most talked about topic at a wedding is the FOOD. With exotic dishes to locally sourced food we would provide you the best of the best for your big day. Understanding your taste and needs and knowing where you hail from, our team would then help you curate a menu and provide your samples or do a mini tasting for you understand and choose your right caterer and team. Our choices are carefully sorted out and when we provide you options, we make sure we have the best for you to choose from. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage options is something we work with and you can choose from. Unique ideas or unique tastes we hope to give you the best. A small customisation sample can be provided to you focusing on your wedding designs and themes and making sure everything is perfect and give you and idea of what you can expect on your D – Day.

Wedding Entertainment

An evening to remember with live bands or exception DJ or your family dancing off to offbeat numbers. Key aspect in any wedding is making sure your guests are always engaged. also making sure that your wedding is not a stressful wedding but a relaxed wedding for them to remember. We never want them to have a dull moment in your wedding. and that’s why our team is experienced to give you the best of the entertainment available either locally or flying them down.A lasting impression for every guest and a wedding to remember.

Hospitality & Guest Management

Making your guests feel at ease is what we always aim for. But when it is your wedding and you have a lot of thing to worry about, we always tend to forget the little things. A few details about when your guests would arrive or their hassle-free check-ins and check-outs, the minute of details is what we focus on. As its your wedding it is difficult for you to be present everywhere and that is when we come into the picture. Your guests become our priority. From sending save the date cards and wedding invites to doing follow-up calls and RSVP’s and having every little detail of the guest is our job. Having been in the industry we have keen eye on what your requirements become, and we make sure we try not to miss out on any requests from the guests. Making them feel at home is our aim.

Make-up & Styling

Happy bride is the prettiest bride and happy guests make the wedding a delight. Every member attending your wedding want to look the best and what better than having a team of professional stylists catering to all the guests. Having a team and vendor list of the very best in the industry and available in the city, we would help your narrow down your choices and coordinate with the guest and the stylist and help and smoothening the process with ease. We help you in every process of the way. From booking the stylist to helping you choose the right outfit and finally to help you be at your best on time. We are with you all along the way.

Vendor management

Organized to the dot is what we want for you. the best team providing you with the best of the service and making sure you can trust them with your wedding is our goal. Once you handed over your wedding tasks and details, we take over your stress and help you focus on your guests and your customs. At chirmi we have the staff to coordinate your big day with all the vendors and make sure your wedding is going smoothly and as planned. We create checklists and timelines to keep everything on track and make sure nothing is missed at any time of the wedding. we wish to make your wedding a perfect day.

Wedding favours

Every member attending the wedding wants to feel special and every couple want to create a lasting impression with guests attending the wedding. A small little gesture, a perfect gift, a beautiful thank you note in the room hamper, a welcome basket or the giveaway post the wedding, we help you customise your gift based on your taste or even based on your wedding theme. The options are unlimited but having the right one is the most important. As gifts not just about the wedding but also the family and the couple. At chirmi weddings we will help you get your prefect gift for your special guests and making sure we don’t compromise in any quality. We hope to give you the best of the best at chirmi.
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