Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore

May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.

Venue booking & research

Be it a small family affair or a big fat celebration, at chirmi we would want you to feel at ease from the very beginning. Looking for a venue can be a task and extremely stressful and so at chirmi we focus on understanding you and your requirements and then providing you with the very best options for your perfect venue. Keeping every minor detail in mind and focusing on the comfort of every guest attending the wedding, we will aim at giving you the right options for your celebration.

Engagement invites

A statement for your wedding starts from your engagement invite. A personalized invite showcases the tone all the way for your wedding. Wedding invites are undoubtedly the most important aspect. It not just talks about the couple but also shows on what the guests can expect for your big day. Thank you notes, save the date cards, a small video, or traditional invite are a few options to start with. An invite can be a combination of various items. Like a small box of dry fruits with the invite or an introduction of the couple and families in an invite with a box with sweets. With a keen eye on design and detail we curate your personalized invite.

Decor & floral designs

Design and execution go hand in hand. Our focus is always on a visual treat to you and your guests. Themes, colour palette, off best designs, quirky events are a few examples that we talk about to understand you as a couple. Even if you are clueless on how you want your engagement to look like we will simplify it to you by showing you series of pictures, custom design stages and layouts for you. – A perfect visual treat. We have it all covered for you at chirmi wedding. From little details of ideas to execution. we would give you the best by showing you the best.

Photography & Videography

The best way to capture you wedding in memories is through your photos and videos. Choosing the perfect team is extremely important for your big day. A chirmi we aim at giving you the most amazing team for you to work with. From as long as we can remember, our forefathers talk about their wedding through pictures and pictures are elements that stay with you forever. And we feel we become a part of their celebration when they show their pictures. With the new unique ideas, we focus on connecting you to the best in the industry who understand you and your family and capture your wedding in the best possible way. It is our promise that we would capture the best and deliver the best.

Menu Selection

Be it your engagement at a 5-star venue or an event venue, we would help you get the very best caterer for your big day. Be it choosing a team or helping you finalize for your menu; we will help your all along the way. With exotic dishes to locally sourced food we would provide you the best. Understanding your taste and needs and knowing where you hail from, our team would then help you curate a menu and provide your samples or do a mini tasting for you understand and choose your right caterer and team. A small customisation sample can be provided to you focusing on your designs and themes and making sure everything is perfect and give you an idea of what you can expect on your D – Day.

Make-up & Styling

Happy bride is the prettiest bride. You would want to look the very best on your day and at chirmi we understand this the best., Having a team and vendor list of the very best in the industry and available in the city, we would help your narrow down your choices and smoothen the process with ease. We help you in every process of the way. From booking the stylist to helping you choose the right outfit and finally to help you be at your best on time. We are with you all along the way.
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