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From Creating a Wishing Tree with Photos That Chart the Journey of Your Relationship to a Choir of Gospel Singers to Surprise Your Partner During an Anniversary Lunch, We have a Multitude of Stunning Ideas Guaranteed to Leave Your Partner Speechless.

Anniversaries are a Special Time— a Chance to Show Your Partner That the Vows You Made Still run True as Well as a Great Opportunity to Celebrate the Best that Your Relationships Have Brought to you. Whether You’re in the Flush of New Love or Celebrating One that is Evergreen, the Team at Chirmi will Ensure that it is an Anniversary Celebration to Remember.

Whether it is planning a dream vacation, an adventure that you have dreamed of or a romantic night out filled with the best of surprises, we will design a celebration that speaks to your unique style. From surprise parties and anniversary gifts to unconventional celebrations, we can do it all.
Whether it is a five-year anniversary celebration or you’ve hit a quarter century, or even if it is that special thrill of having reached your golden anniversary of fifty years together, Chirmi adds that unique and special touch that guarantees unforgettable celebrations. Our event organizing team plans everything from the venue and guest list to the budget, invitations, decorations, food, entertainment and even the cake.

Our anniversary planning services include:


Budgeting is usually an activity that is no fun when it comes to planning a party. But the team at Chirmi can make it a breeze by efficiently taking you through every detail that needs to be considered. All in a day’s work!

Theme-based Event Design & Decor

If you have dreamed of celebrating your love with a special theme, we can conceptualize your celebration and weave together every element to create an utterly stunning day for you.

Invitation Design & Delivery

From designing an invitation that conveys the uniqueness of the celebration to getting it delivered and keeping track of the RSVPs, we take the stress away from the planning of the party.


Whether you would love a band that plays the golden oldies or a singer who serenades your guests with your personal favorites, the team at Chirmi can make it all happen perfectly.

Food & Beverages

Choosing a menu that is lavish and sumptuous and a caterer who can deliver the goods is our specialty.

Customised Favors

Special giveaways that remind your guests of your special occasion can be designed keeping in mind your personal style and aesthetics.

Activities & Games

From a film that showcases the journey of your relationship to music and games, we can help make your anniversary party an immensely fun event with engaging activities and games.

Customised Anniversary Cakes

Celebrating aspects that are unique to you and your partner— your quirks, obsessions and fun traits can be done with cakes that are customised for you.

Photography & Videography

We have the best photographers and filmmakers who are great at capturing the best moments of your anniversary celebrations— from intimate moments to fun and revelry with friends and loved ones.