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The cheat sheet to outfit coordination

The cheat sheet to outfit coordination

  • 6, Sep 2017
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Weddings are the perfect occasion for the bride and groom to look absolutely in sync with each other. Here is our guide to looking well-coordinated on your wedding day;

• Try your hand at contrasting colors. We all know that, after all, opposites attract.

Image source: Cool Bluez Photography on Instagram

Image source: Pinterest

• Same colors but different hues, shades and/or tones

Image source: Cup Cake Productions13 on Instagram

Image source: Dot Dusk Studios on Instagram

Image source: Pinterest

• Common or similar elements

Image source:The Wedding Story on Instagram

• Bride in red or orange
Groom in cream, salmon, blush pink, peach, beige or mint green

• Bride in bright pink
Groom in cream, beige, soft pink, mint green, yellow

• Bride in baby pink
Groom in cream, gold, mint green, deep wine, emerald green

• Bride in deeper shades of blue or green
Groom in cream, beige, or very pale colors in the blue or green family

• Bride in sunny bright yellow
Groom in mint, blush pink, baby blue, peach, ash grey, white.

• Bride in deep purple
Groom in beige, lilac, grey, black, white, baby blue

• Bride in ivory, gold
Groom in navy blue, deep wine, emerald green or beige

• Bride in a multi-coloured outfit
Groom in a single-color outfit, usually a color from the brides multi-coloured outfit


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