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Breathtaking Jewellery Essentials For Hands And Arms Of An Indian Bride

Breathtaking Jewellery Essentials For Hands And Arms Of An Indian Bride

  • 16, Feb 2017
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Beautiful traditional jewellery is undoubtedly one of the most integral parts of the overall look of an Indian bride. It can simply make or break her look on the most special day of her life. And, as an Indian bride is supposed to wear different pieces of jewellery from head to toe, her hands and arms are no exception.

Yes, even the hands and arms of an Indian bride are adorned with lots of stunning pieces of jewellery on her wedding day. There is a huge variety available for wedding jewellery pieces for almost every body part. These are some of the best bridal jewellery essentials for the hands and arms of an Indian bride.

#1. Bangles

An Indian bride can never look complete without having lots and lots of bangles on her wrists. And, here are three broad categories of bangles that Indian brides usually wear:

Traditionally worn by the Punjabi brides, it is a set of 21 red and white bangles. Gifted to the bride by her maternal uncle, it is believed to strengthen the bond between the newlyweds and bring good luck for them. It is worn for at least 40-45 days after the wedding day.

These are generally made of precious metals, like gold, platinum, silver, etc. They are worn on the wedding day as well as on other special occasions afterwards. They go well with the traditional Indian attire and enhance the look of a bride manifolds.

Glass bangles:
These are also the traditional wedding ornaments that are worn by the brides in various cultures. They come in all colours, but shades like green, red and magenta are preferred the most by the brides. The glass bangles are basically worn to represent the bride’s wishes for the good luck and safety of the groom.

#2. Bajuband

A bajuband is an armlet worn by the bride on her upper arm. It signifies the vital features of a bride- her strength and her capability. It also gives her arms a dressed-up look. A bajuband usually comes in gold and silver, studded with diamonds or other precious gemstones.

#3. Hathphool

A haathphool (hand-chain or hand-flower) was a very popular accessory back in the olden days, especially in the Mughal era. It is basically a set of intricately designed chains and finger rings, and is made of a precious metal. It gives her hands a heavily embellished look and goes very well with the already henna adorned hands.

#4. Kalire

These are the small metallic chandelier-like danglers that are attached to the bride’s chooda. The kalire are tied to the bride’s hands by her sisters and cousins, and they signify their good wishes for the newlyweds. Also, there is a very interesting ritual attached to these beautiful pieces of jewellery. Before leaving her house, the bride shakes both her hands above the heads of all the unmarried girls in her family. And, the one on whom even a small part of kalire falls, she is believed to be the next to get married in the family.

#5. Rings

Wedding ring, of course, is one of the most essential parts of the solah shringar of a bride. But, apart from that, many brides wear a lot more rings in their fingers to enhance the look of their hands. They can be made of gold, platinum or any other precious metal, and be studded with expensive gemstones. Nowadays, wearing statement rings along with the wedding ring has also become quite a hot fashion trend.

#6. Arsi

Another type of ring, arsi was brought to India by the Mughals. It has a huge base and a mirror embedded in the centre. While today it is just worn as a fashion statement, it was worn for a purpose in the past. As the face of a bride used to be covered with a veil, an arsi used to give her an opportunity to look at her groom during the wedding ceremonies.

So, now that you are aware of all these hand and arm jewellery pieces, go get some trendy ones for yourself and get ready to look like a royal princess on your wedding day.

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