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Bizarre Wedding Cultures Around the World – Part 2

Bizarre Wedding Cultures Around the World – Part 2

  • 16, Feb 2017
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Marriage is a universal occasion, in any culture it comes with a laundry list of traditions and rituals, including the old rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” In many cultures, preparing for a wedding involves booking a venue, getting the wedding dress, and inviting the guests. But these bizarre wedding rituals from around the world, go beyond the white dress and veil.

1.Europe: Carrying the Bride Across the Threshold

One most common belief is that this ritual began in Medieval Europe, where many believed that a bride was extra vulnerable to evil spirits through the soles of her feet. To avoid bringing in any evil spirits, the groom carried the bride into their new home. Also, some ancient believed that the bride had to show that she was not at all crazy about leaving her father’s home, and so was dragged over the threshold to her groom’s house.

2.India: Exorcise Ghosts by Marrying Animals

In some parts of India it is believed that ghosts can inhabit certain people of the living world. Especially, girls born with a baby tooth already erupted through the gum and girls who have some facial dissimulation are believed to be possessed by ghosts. The only way to break this weird curse is for the girl to marry an animal, typically a goat or dog. They manage a lavish wedding ceremony complete with booze and dancing. This is nothing but a mock ceremony and the girl is not expected to copulate with the animal. It’s just to ward off the evil spirits; she is free to marry a man later on.

3.Scotland: The Ritual of Blackening the Bride

Blackening of the bride is a very old Scottish tradition. It’s part of a hazing ritual that actually happens before the wedding. The bride is taken by surprise, by hands down the crummiest friends you could have, and covered from head to toe with all kinds of crap. It can be anything: spoiled milk from the back of your fridge right down to tar and feathers. The ritual of covering brides and grooms in treacle, soot and flour used to be carried out to ward off evil spirits.

4.Kyzalakachuu: The Practice of Kidnapping Brides

Kyzalakachuu, means “to take a young woman and run away”, is a pretty crazy ritual. The rituals also known as “Bride kidnapping”, marriage by abduction or marriage by capture. It is a practice in which a man abducts the woman he wishes to marry. The young man abducting a woman either by force or by guile, often accompanied by friends or male relatives. They take her to his family home, where she is kept in a room until the man’s female relatives persuade her to put on the scarf of a married woman as a sign of acceptance. It’s said that bride kidnapping still practised in some cultures like the Romani (known as Gypsies) and Kyrgyzstan.

5.Money Dance | Guests Pay to Dance with the Bride

It was originated in Poland during 1990s. During a money dance, male guests pay to dance briefly with the bride, and sometimes-female guests pay to dance with the groom. At the wedding reception, the bride will dance with her father, while a relative holds out an apron. Guests who place money in the apron win the opportunity to dance with the bride. At the same time the dance includes bridesmaids and other ladies who dance.

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